Cómo implementar Lean Manufacturing

Cómo implementar Lean Manufacturing

I am writing this book for several reasons.
First, I have been asked to. On numerous occasions, clients have asked me to write a book. The first time was on the subject of measurement system analysis (MSA); the second on statistical process control (SPC); the third time on statistical problem solving—and in the past five years I have been asked on no less than three occasions to condense my thoughts on Lean Manufacturing into book form. Writing a book is also something I have wanted to do, but just never had the time to do so. However, in the end, it was other reasons (which I later list in this chapter) that drove me to the effort.
Second, I am very tired of seeing managers everywhere looking for this “silver bullet” called Lean
Manufacturing. They see it as a catch-all for attacking all their business woes—including poor profitability and low levels of competitiveness—and transforming their business into the pinnacle of profitability. I want to stand up and yell at the top of my lungs and make it very clear that there is no silver bullet. In this regard, I now offer up three quotes here. Third, as a consultant I frequently find myself quite frustrated in being unable to sell Lean Manufacturing to a facility that desperately needs it. Maybe this book can put my thoughts into a clear and convincing format that I am unable to otherwise convey.


1 What Is the Perspective of This Book?
2 Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System
3 Inventory and Variation 
4 Lean Manufacturing Simplifi ed
5 The Signifi cance of Lead Time
6 How to Do Lean—Cultural Change Fundamentals
7 How to Do Lean—The Four Strategies to Becoming Lean
8 How to Implement Lean—The Prescription for the Lean Project
9 Planning and Goals
10 Sustaining the Gains
11 Cultures
12 Constraint Management
13 Cellular Manufacturing
14 The Story of the Alpha Line
15 The Story of the Bravo Line: A Tale of Reduced Lead Times
16 Using the Prescription—Three Case Studies 
17 The Precursors to Lean Not Handled Well
18 An Experiment in Variation, Dependent Events, and Inventory
19 Assessment Tools
20 A House of Lean

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